Why I care about birth

Curious why I care so much about birth? It’s because I care so much about moms. I care about babies. I care about dads and families. I care about birth because I know parenting is a tough gig – understatement of the year. I know that an amazing birth experience will NOT make you a better parent – oh, if only it were that simple! I know that an amazing birth experience will NOT stop your child from ever sticking their tongue out at you, or dare-I-suggest arguing with you. I know that a great birth doesn’t make parenting any less tough.

Here’s what I do know:

  • I know that having a really amazing first meeting certainly doesn’t hurt.
  • I know that when you’re in the dark valleys of parenting and confusion knowing what the top of the mountain feels like is a good thing.

Here’s what I don’t get:

  • Why are people dismissing birth as no big deal?
  • Why is it considered “nice” to have an amazing mountain-top birth experience, rather than the priority?
  • Don’t we want our babies and our mamas to feel the absolute best they possibly can (as defined by them)?
  • Why are we so willing to accept, it’s no big deal?

In parenting (and birth is part of this) I want – nay, I NEED – to feel like a rock star, like I’m on top of the mountain more often than not. Right? In the valley’s the message isn’t “stay there, it’s fine. No big deal.” No, it’s “c’mon mama you can do this keep climbing higher.” It’s prioritized that I feel better, isn’t it?

Support me in my birth. Love me into motherhood. Lift me up, not put me down. Make me feel like a wonder-woman (seriously), because it is a big deal.

This makes sense to me. Mother the mothers. Make mamas feel amazing and they’ll do amazing.


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