Dr. Doula

Why am I a Ph.D. toting doula?  

First of all, if you’ve ever witnessed birth you probably already know the answer to that question.  Birth is amazing – all births.  I am honored, and always truly humbled, to be invited into such sacred and special moments in the lives of those I work with.  Amazing!  Birth is amazing.  Period. 

Beyond that simplified explanation, it has been my experience, when it comes to pregnancy and birth, that there is a limited amount of support – especially social support – for women who desire to trust their bodies to birth.  Our current culture makes It much easier for a pregnant woman today to find discouragement and messages of distrust than to find positive ones when it comes to her body, her baby, and her birth experiences.  

I have chosen to be a positive voice out there – encouraging women.  Certainly, I am not alone in this desire.  In fact, there are many of us out there spreading positive messages about pregnancy and birth.  Unfortunately, we are still the minority.  This is a sad reality of the state we are in.  It’s not hard to get a woman to share something negative or discouraging with you.  Try it, go to the grocery store and walk up to 10 random women hauling around their kiddos and ask them what pregnancy or birth was like.  I dare yah!  Report back to me if you get 6 or more women to make a positive and uplifting remark as their first comment.  

I wanted to support (build up, not tear down) woman and their families during pregnancy, childbirth, and their early parenting phase.  I hope that my work (both with women as a doula, and in the academic world) will encourage each to find their own voice, their own courage, and to feel strong and capable in whatever they do.  I believe that women who truly know their power also feel strong and confident women as they approaches any challenge they may face in life.  Strong women are strong mommies.  Strong mommies raise strong and confident children.  Strong and confident children can change the world!  

I believe in birth.  I believe in a woman’s body.  I believe I can make a difference.  That’s why I am a doula with a doctorate. 


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